We at Advanced Solar & Wind Technologies offer many solutions, including  solar PV (electric),  solar thermal(domestic hot water & pool heat) & small wind. Let us find the right solution for your needs!

We are your “Solar Power Experts” for residential or commercial solar “grid tied” , “off grid”, or “grid tied with battery back-up”!

We use only the latest technology. SolarWorld modules, Enphase micro-inverters or SolarEdge inverters and optimizers on our solar installations to provide SAFE power, & off-grid pv or battery back-up systems from Outback Power.

Sun Bandit or drainback hot water systems for your domestic hot water needs.

We also install Attic Breeze solar attic fans to help lower your energy bills by getting the heat out of your attic.

Wind power from Xzeres Wind Power, makers of 10KW wind turbines and Skystream 2.4KW turbines,

We now offer free aerial drone videos of your installation! See sample video on “Resources” page!

Click on any logo to the right to go to that website and learn more about our products!

Great News! We now offer financing! We have teamed up with “REEL” and Admiral’s Bank and can now offer financing on just about any project residential or commercial. We can even do Municipalities and other large jobs up to 1 million dollars. Click on the link to the right to learn more! No cost or obligation to apply, based on you credit FICO score.

We are now ISnetWorld certified with an “A” rating! This means we can live up to any insurance & safety requirements that you or your company could expect! This also means that we are not a here today, gone tomorrow organization, as it takes much effort to get this certification!

All electrical connections performed by state licensed electricians.

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